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Open Internet Explorer in Chrome

Internet Explorer in Chrome (Open one browser with in another browser)

We have seen so many sites were designed based on Internet Explorer especially government sites. We had conducted a poll on our facebook page  and most of the votes gone to Chrome as a favorite browser. It is really really annoying to open internet explorer because of its opening and closing, definitely takes more time then Firefox and Chrome. So it is really good to have a browser with in browser, Google Chrome have an extension for this specific purpose.

If you are web developer it would be a great fetch and saves a lot of time.You can get this from Chrome extensionsThis extension installs a button next to the OmniBar and you switch between Chrome and IE mode. It acts like a new browser and you can use individual GMail accounts as well.

After installation of IEchrome Extension
1. type IE in URL bar.
2. press TAB.
3.Type any thing and click on 
That's it Chrome now is in Internet Explorer Mode.

You can use that tab as like internet explorer. But remember if you open new tab that is Chrome it self. If want IE again Do IE and TAB again..
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