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How to Download Android Apps from Google Play

Android is most popular operating system and many of the mobile users are preferring android for their phones because of its tons of apps. Apple is also providing many apps for its users but one drawback of apple is its cost. So definitely there is no different option with cheap price and more features, android is simple the best for all our mobile needs.
But most of the users are not utilizing the android features and they are stuck with their default features and apps. So in this post we are going to explain how to download android apps from Google play. Maximum of android phones have a default application called Google “play store” which is previously called android market. So this is one option to download required apps to mobile from mobile, but it is difficult to search for the required apps from phone due to its internet connectivity. So let's move to the system and search for the required apps and download apps from your system to mobile. (You can also download those apps to your system directly from Google play with help of “real apk leacher”)

From Phone side:

All you need to have a Google account. Create from g mail.com if you don't have one.

  1. First go to “settings” of your mobile(I am assuming Samsung) and select “account and sync settings”.
  2. Click on "add account" button, you have to select Google and enter username and password.
  3. Give tick mark on “Auto-Sync” (Applications sync data automatically) in  account and sync settings
  4. If you already created, then remember the user name and password of Google (G mail) account.
This is enough for mobile side. Maximum of android users were ready till these steps.
From System side:

    1. Open https://play.google.com or click from Google.com
 2. Search for all the apps what you want (Remember PAID and FREE both are available in   Google play store)

    3. Click on the required app (I selected UC Browser) and select install button on the top left side.

    4. Click Signin with your Google account. (Same Google or g mail account you entered in your phone).

    5. Your Phone model number will automatically fetched and shows you a install button.

    6. When ever you have internet in your phone that app will automatically downloaded and installed in to your phone.

 Search for all the apps(as many you want) and click on install button from system window. All your selected apps will be queued and downloaded to your mobile. Explore Google play (Help Section)for more features.

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