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What is the First website in the world !!

What is the FIRST WEBSITE in the world ??

The First website name (First webpage also):


The NeXT computer used by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990 to create the world's first website. You can see the picture below

In 1991, CERN((European Organization for Nuclear Research) hosted the world's first web page. The site is still working(NOT THE PAGE) but the first webpage content is safely preserved from 1992 in below link by w3 
(World Wide Web Consortium). 

The right side picture is the first webpage in the world.

The first ever web browser, called "WorldWideWeb", was also created by Tim Berners Lee.  This browser had a nice graphical user interface; allowed for multiple fonts and font sizes; allowed for downloading and displaying images, sounds, animations, movies, etc.;

However, this browser only ran on NeXT Step’s OS, which most people didn’t have because of the high cost of these system

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