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A new year is a day which let us to learn from the past and gives us a chance to apply ahead..on this glorious day we wish the almighty to proffer health,wealth and all that you desire and deserve.. 
Acquaintance is the only bliss for human... 
My dear students and thrusty learners... 
I wish your lust for knowledge will take you to the higher corners of life on this momentous new year..
may you all continue the zeal of learning on this new year..

I wish your present and future always to shine.  
Wish you a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! and Wish you best of luck in 2013

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Author is a Tech savvy and Web Enthusiast by nature and really love to help users by providing how-to posts and tech tutorials. He is a founder and author of technolamp.co.in and programming9.com. YouTube Channel to SUBSCRIBE:
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