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Database Management Systems (DBMS) Imp Materials -PPT and PDF

    Database System Concepts by  Avi Silberschatz ,Henry F. Korth , S. Sudarshan .  Download links for all chapters in PPT and PDF formats are below...

Chapter Formats
1. Introduction ppt, pdf
Part 1: Relational Databases
2. Introduction to the Relational Model ppt, pdf
3. Introduction to SQL ppt, pdf
4. Intermediate SQL ppt, pdf
5. Advanced SQL ppt, pdf
6. Formal Relational Query Languages ppt, pdf
Part 2: Database Design
7. Database Design: The Entity-Relationship Approach ppt, pdf
8. Relational Database Design ppt, pdf
9. Application Design ppt, pdf
Part 3: Data Storage and Querying
10. Storage and File Structure ppt, pdf
11. Indexing and Hashing ppt, pdf
12. Query Processing ppt, pdf
13. Query Optimization ppt, pdf
Part 4: Transaction Management
14. Transactions ppt, pdf
15. Concurrency Control ppt, pdf
16. Recovery System ppt, pdf
Part 5: System Architecture
17. Database System Architectures ppt, pdf
18. Parallel Databases ppt, pdf
19. Distributed Databases ppt, pdf
Part 6: Data Warehousing, Mining, and IR
20. Data Mining ppt, pdf
21. Information Retrieval ppt, pdf
Part 8: Specialty Databases
22. Object-Based Databases ppt, pdf
23. XML ppt, pdf
Part 8: Advanced Topics
24. Advanced Application Development ppt, pdf
25. Advanced Data Types ppt, pdf
26. Advanced Transaction Processing ppt, pdf
Part 9: Case Studies
27. PostgreSQL ppt, pdf
28. Oracle ppt, pdf
29. IBM DB2 Universal Database ppt, pdf
30. Microsoft SQL Server ppt, pdf
A. Detailed University Schema ppt, pdf
B. Advanced Relational Database Design ppt, pdf
C. Other Relational Query Languages ppt, pdf
D. Network Model ppt, pdf
E. Hierarchical Model ppt, pdf

Good for quick reference ...
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