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Computer Networks Lecture Notes and PPTs - IIT madras

   Hi , Here is a Great material for Computer networks by professor Hema a Murthy ( IIT Madras).
You can download by viewing their Contents

lecture 1: Networks introduction
lectute 2: Data sharing dos machines
lecture 3: packetised file transmission
lecture 4: Layering
lecture 5: Performance metrics       DOWNLOAD

lecture 6: Basic building blocks
lecture 7: Modulation encoding
lecture 8: Physical media
lecture 9: Transmission
lecture 10: Dll framing                   

lecture 11: Error Detection
lecture 12: error copntrol
lecture 13: Stop and wait analysis
lecture 14: Sliding window
lecture 15: SW Analysis                 

lecture 16: Medium access sub layer
lecture 17: Aloha Ether net
lecture 18: Ethernet
lectuer 19: content free protocals
lecture 20: ATM                                

lecture 21: Token bus
lecture 22: Token Ring
lecture 23: FDDI
lecture 24: FDDI Analysis
lecture 25: Wireless LANs                      

lecture 26: Bridges and Switches
lecture 27: Switches connection less
lecture 28: Network layer
lecture 29: Fragmentation
lecture 30: Router Forwarding                   

lectute 31: Congestion control network
lecture 32: Routing Algorithms DV
lecture 33: VN IP Protocols
lecture 34: Routing Algorithms LSR
lecture 35: BGP                                         

lecture 36: Transport layer
lecture 37: TCP Connection management
lecture 38: TCP Protocols
lecture 39: TCP Miscellaneous
lecture 40: Application layer protocols  

lecture 41: SNMP
lecture 42: SMTP
lecture 43: Network Security
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