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computer bit size chart (from bit to Geopbyte )

   Hi, recently i got a doubt that, What is the maximum size of memory? generally many of us know only till TERA BYTE.so what's next? i searched in internet and found some names later tera byte. So i am going to give you the solution for my doubt. If any thing more then this size please post it in comments.

1 Bit  = Binary Digit
4 Bits =1 Nibble
8 Bits = 1 Byte
1024 Bytes = 1 Kilobyte
1024 Kilobytes = 1 Megabyte 
1024 Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte
1024 Gigabytes = 1 Terabyte
1024 Terabytes = 1 Petabyte
1024 Petabytes = 1 Exabyte
1024 Exabytes = 1 Zettabyte
1024 Zettabytes = 1 Yottabyte
1024 Yottabytes = 1 Brontobyte
1024 Brontobytes = 1 Geopbyte 

 As Ramya said
1024 Geopbyte=1 Saganbyte
and one more i found based on Ramya's result
1024 Saganbyte=1 Pijabyte 
(I think all most all these memory is theoretical )

     Please don't forget to give the comments if you know some thing else.
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