How to Delete Messages in Facebook

In my earlier post I've written about stopping of Facebook annoying messages. I was received many requests on the deletion process of messages in the Facebook. The answer is quite simple but many Facebook users are getting struggle with this. So I decided to write a small post with screen shots. The procedure is quite simple and can finish in three simple steps.

Step 1:
Go to messages on the left side to your Facebook wall. This is simply under your profile image at the top left corner of the page. You can find that in below image.

Step 2:
You can find all the user names on the left side of the screen. Select the person from the list to delete your conversation or specific messages in the conversation.

Step 3: 
Now we are almost over. On the top right corner of the screen, you will see actions button. Simply click on that button and click on "Delete conversation" option. See mark 3 in below image. 

That's it. You deleted your entire conversation with that person. You can also delete specific messages by selecting another option "Delete Messages..."  you can see mark 4 in the above screen shot.

Protect Your Laptop or Phone or Tablet before Stolen

In this article, I would like to introduce an awesome Free Open Source Software called Prey. Are you studying in university or college, are you an employee in IT industry, are you a regular mobile or laptop user, do you have fear of loosing your mobile devices, then this article is specially for you. I am not explaining how to recover lost laptop but I can say how to protect before being theft and recover in case if lost.

I fully tested this software in windows 7 operating system and Linux (Ubuntu). But it works in all most all generally used operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, Ios, Mac and any mobile or portable device. It has many interesting features that you really feel awesome. We can easily recover the laptop if you lost. So let us see how to do this process.

You can also see the recovery stories from various countries, I really amazed and tried with various features and options to recover if you pre installed that software in your system.

Step 1: Download the Prey Project Software from this main website.

Step 2: After Download do the configuration as a new user if it is new to you.
Step 3: Register your details with correct values. Do not fake, you will suffer later.

Step 4: After successful registration, you would receive an Email with panel address.

Step 5: That's It. You are now ready and amazingly all your computer or mobile device details like Hardware and Software are available in that panel address.

Step 6: Now see all the amazing features it has in the online user interface. 

Your device status could automatically set OK if it is ready in your system.

What to do after Theft ?

1. Go to Panel Log in web address from any other computer or friends laptop.
2. Enter your username and password and log in.
3. Now set device status as Missing. And enable all the options

          Geo          - Shows where exactly your laptop/Mobile is.
          Webcam  - It automatically captures the images who sit in front of the laptop and show to you.
          Alarm      - It will keep on rings the alarm. If you listen that sound, laptop is very nearer to you.
          Alert        - Send any message (You can decide what to send) to the laptop Desktop.
          Secure     - You can completely block the Desktop Screen from using it by thieves. It would ask       
                              password to open again.
          Network and Session Information also very imp during recovery process.

If that laptop is not in your nearest place. Go for a police complaint with complete details of thieve with photo and geo location and with complete Report given by the PREY.

The report consists of  Current Location of Laptop or Mobile, Person's Photo who sit in front of it, Desktop screen what they are watching, What files they are using in your system, Network Provider to them and much more info.

If you have more question go to FAQ section of the website.

Note: It would automatically run by default and hidden in your system forever. So once install 

How to Open IE Compatible websites in Chrome and Firefox using IE Tab

We already have an article on  how to open old IE compatible websites in newer IE versions, In this tutorial we will see how to open Internet Explorer compatible websites in the Chrome and Firefox browsers. It would be so easy if you add a simple add-on to your web browsers.  This article is an advancement to the old article explains how to open internet explorer in chrome.

How to Zoom Videos While Playing Using VLC Media Player

We are very familiar with VLC Media Player, now a days each and every system has this player due to its wide range of killer features like Simplicity, Free and Open source, Streaming online videos, Conversion of video formats, Rotating videos from different angles, and many more. For example how to play YouTube videos in VLC Media Player.

VLC has many killer features which are not available in  most of the players, this tutorial gives you a wonderful feature that VLC player has. We know that we can increase the volume to 200% in this player, but we can also zoom the video while playing.

How to open old IE compatible sites in new IE-10 or Later versions

If you are using latest version of Internet Explorer and If you are unable open old version compatible websites or intranet sites, here is a solution to you to open all websites in your old Internet Explorer compatible mode. In clear we can open any website or intranet site in any latest IE.

1. Open the website that you want to visit, if it is old version compatible site then some of the features couldn't be loaded.

How to Download and Install Java (A Video Guide)

Many of us are very familiar with Java programming language, this blog has published many articles on java interview Questions and written many java programs. But here we are presenting a video guide to download
and install java and very important thing is setting class path.

How to Stop Emails From Facebook

Facebook is one of the top and most widely used social networking website with thousands of users. It has many options to share photos, comments, tagging, sending friend requests and suggestions, Page creations, groups and many more. It really feels sick and annoying if we get an email for every update that has been done on our Facebook account. It would really feel so happy and relaxed if we stop those mail notifications to our Gmail, so let us get rid of these unwanted email notifications from Facebook.

How to Remove Red Cross Mark on the Laptop Battery Icon


This basic tutorial describes information about the red cross mark on your laptop battery icon in taskbar and complete removal procedure. Generally we might see a cross mark or a small filled circle cross mark on the battery icon, there could be a lot of difference between these these two symbols, one symbol needs a replacement of battery or change of battery and other one indicates critical battery level charging.

So let us see the details and solving procedure for these two indications.

A solid filled circle: This problem generally appears when you buy a new battery for your system. Really you can feel free and relax if you are facing this problem. Do small change in the “More Power Options” can resolve the issue. Let us see how to do this.

filled redcross battery

1. Right Click on Battery Icon in the task bar and select Power Options.

2. Select Power plan and go to Change Plan Settings

plan settings

3. Select Advanced Power Settings

adv power settings

4. You will get a new power options window.

power options

5. Select Low Battery Level Option from Battery at bottom of scrolling window.

6. Change the Value as per your need. i.e if you set 15% the red mark appears when your battery is at 15% to warn that the battery is minimum level and please do recharge immediately. For new batteries it could show 90% or 80% something.

A Normal Big Cross Mark: It simply indicates that battery not present in the system.

redcross battery

Some possibilities are:

No battery in the system or Change to New Battery or Does not Fix Well in the battery slot. Finally it’s an indication for the replacement of the battery. But any way let’s try this procedure, Shut your computer completely and remove the Battery from the slot and directly start on AC power, after that shut down again, re insert the battery and start your system. This process might work some times, So Let’s try.

How to remove AVG Nation tool bar and home page


This post is useful to get rid of annoying AVG nation search home page and AVG nation tool bar from your computer. Recently I got an update alert from AVG antivirus at bottom right side of my screen, I accepted to install it. Till now it is fine but i got irritated with default home page from Chrome web browser, the same page was automatically opening every time I open my web browser  and each tab as well.

chrome avg nation 

We generally love Google as home page but here there is no chance to set Google as home page, the URL address appearing on above image completely replaces our default home page and we can’t get rid of this even if you try all modifications in the chrome’s settings section.

So we can not get rid of this by doing any changes in the preferences or extensions and so on from any browser. The solution is there at “Add or Remove Programs” in windows.

uninstall toolbar avg

1. Go to Add or Remove Programs from Control Panel.

2. Select the AVG Nation Toolbar from the list.

3. Click on the Uninstall/Change and remove the program from system.

You will get a new webpage to show – We’re sad to see you go

uninstalled notification

You are out of the toolbar and annoying home page, and it would replace your browser settings back as usual.

How to create shortcut Icons on desktop in UBUNTU 12.04

This video guide shows you the simple method of creating shortcut icons on desktop for frequently used applications in Linux (UBUNTU 12.04). Follow the simple procedure as mentioned in the video. 

Download YouTube videos Online

In my earlier post, I written about Facebook video download. This post gives you information about different web and software alternatives to download videos from YouTube, and most interestingly we can download entire channel videos up to 100 with almost single click. Perhaps it was really more fun to try all the alternatives, so lets take a look in to different possibilities.
First lets us try different online sources, which are providing free video downloads.

One of the best and most recommended website is keepvid due to its simplicity in the download process.  We just need to enter the youtube video url into the download box in keepvid website as shown in below image.
It shows you various file formats to download the same video as shown in below image. You can click on any video format based on the size, quality and most important is your net speed.
1. Can download many video formats with audio extraction and subtitles.
2. Can download from IDM or any other download manager if it fails to grab videos from you tube.
3. Resume support if you are using download managers.
4. Can support multiple downloads at same time if you use multiple browser tabs or one after another link download.
1. Needs java (JRE or JDK) to  run (It is running using applets).
2. Can’t download multiple videos from same window and at same time.

Another simple and fast website is It does not have more features but you can quickly download any video from YouTube and Facebook as well. I already discussed about, how to download any video from Facebook using video and general post.  You can see the sequence of steps in the below image to download.
step 1: Paste the youtube or facebook url
step 2: Click on download button. (it has annoying ads with same download button)
step 3: RIGHT CLICK and select SAVE LINK AS option on the Download this Video button.
1. Quick Download of video and no java required.
2. Can also download Facebook Videos.
3. Also supports resume if you use download managers.
1. Does not have many video formats like in keepvid.
2. Can download any number of videos parallel.

Here is an another website like It also has wide variety of file format support, It does not require java support to download files. If your system doesn’t have java preinstalled, you can select this as best option.
Step 1: Copy and paste the YouTube video url in the download box.
step 2: Click on Download button
step 3: Select any video format from FLV MP4 WEBM etc.
1. Supports various file formats.
2. No java needed to download.
3. Resume support if you download from download managers.
4. Supports multiple video websites along with YouTube.

Other Alternatives:  Savevid   Clipnabber  Deturl

How to Download Torrents using IDM

This post gives you the different alternatives to download torrents using IDM or any other download manager. Some times torrents might get stuck or download with very low speeds, at this time we must have lot more patience. To overcome these low speed downloads we can use IDM or Any other download manager to boost the download speed.


 This is one of the good website to download torrents. You just need to enter torrent magnet link or upload a .torrent file and follow simple instructions as specified on the screen. As a free user you can download maximum 2 files and bandwidth is very limited. If you take premium account everything is unlimited

- Very limited internet speed
- Torrent size restricted
- Some times getting error during starting of the download


 Putdrive is another download website as like zbigz and it is offering more internet bandwidth compared to zbigz, size is the biggest advantage you can go for very large sized torrents with resume support
Working is as usual like zbigz, there are some restrictions on bandwidth as a free user. But as a premium user you can avail all the more storage and more speed and more internet speed.

It has many restrictions but you can try for 10 GB free Ozi box cloud storage. 

  File stream website is also offering almost same as putdrive. The downloading speed is also more but space is limited to 10 GB. But some times it is not recommended for large sized torrent files. We can try this for small sized torrent files till 1 to 2 GB data.

These are the some alternatives to download the torrents by not using utorrent or bittorrent clients. We can download via any other download manager. But it is not recommended to download using default download manager, we might get problem when internet was disconnected so it is needed to use any download manager with resume support.